time to code

Try interacting with the HTML5 Canvas window here. Move objects by using your mouse or finger to drag and fling them.

More on the demos...

This site hosts a collection of code scripts: Python (see game physics), JavaScript (see what's animating this page), and VBScript and Perl (see Waconia). There may be a few R scripts coming...

The functionality of the Python game-physics page is reproduced here with JavaScript, Box2dWeb, and a live HTML5 Canvas. This includes the use of Node.js, socket.io, and WebRTC for multiplayer. The team at timetocode has plans for a touch-screen client for cell phone play. (Here they are at the corporate rec-center.)

There's even a back-burner plan to make a new Waconia charting page based on Google Charts and Fusion Tables: all client sided to avoid hosting costs. Some folks connected to the Richland, WA airport are patiently waiting for this one.

A note on what's coming next...

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